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Eating Out, Working Out, Starting Out!

October 18, 2010

The other day, I went to Applebees for dinner. We never eat like that, but we wanted to get out and thought, since we never eat that way, we’d have a night out and just do something different.What a mistake that was! The food was God Aweful! The price tag was over $125 for us to have the pleasure of food improperly cooked, loads of carbs and sauces and unhealthy fats, and one of our meals didn’t come, OOPS, they forgot they didn’t have it.

The whole thing was nasty! How do people eat like that all the time? It’s killing you, it’s expensive and with the time you wasted eating, driving, waiting, you could have had a great meal at a fraction of the cost and had money left over to take care of a fitness or weight loss need…AND, you wouldn’t have added the extra weight.

Eat out once a week and you generally go over your normal diet by an average of 1,500 calories…that’s almost 1/2lb a week. So add that up and you’ll realize how you gained weight over a few months or a year. We’re not supposed to eat like that. That’s not what food is.

We have this huge romance with food in the United States. MMMMMM…YUMMMM…OHHHHH…it’s silly! Text2Fit sends you reminders that it’s just food! Each day you’ll get a tip on what to eat, or Don’t Eat Junk! It works. Those little reminders are all most people need to be successful.

Anyone can lose weight and get in shape with some effort. You don’t have to kill yourself everday, but you have to start making slow changes. Start moving more. Do exercises that are sent to you via text message with Text2Fit, and make small changes each day that you repeat over and over again so you’ll start making them the way you do things. That’s how you gained weight, not that’s how you can lose weight.

In the gym, I train people who don’t always follow the “Out of Gym” tasks. Not big ones, but needed ones. I start sending them texts and the next thing we know, they start thinking more about what they are doing and creating new habits. They come in and tell me, “Guess what! I didn’t eat out, I didn’t eat more than I should…”, they just needed that little extra and it works.

By the way. It doesn’t start tomorrow, next week, next month, or on New Years. It starts today. The only problem you’ll have is other people who are jealous. Pay no attention. They really are jealous. What they do is try to knock you down because they don’t do it. God forbid someone did it! Someone lost weight and they didn’t. So be the one they want to be like!

Stay out of the restaurants, save money, save those extra pounds, get the energy you need for quick workouts or just exercises through the day, and sign up for Text2Fit and start changing your habits today…not tomorrow.

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