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Text Message Weight Loss, Why?

October 14, 2010
Fitness By the Bay, Fitness Shadow, LLC.

Fitness By the Bay, Blue Point NY 631-419-6379

As owner of a Personal Training Studio in Blue Point, NY, I see how many of my clients, and past clients struggle when they leave the gym. They go home and have to take care of their diet and extra cardio on their own. I try to get them in to do it here as part of their program, but it’s hard. I know, it’s not easy, it takes tons of self motivation to do it day after day.

The thing is, we see how hard they work when they are here. I text some of them to remind them of their diet, do this, or do that, and it works for them. They say it’s saved their day or even that one meal. They’ve said when they get the text it prompts them to take action…even if it’s a small action…sooooooooooooo….

I decided this can be done on a mass scale. Ipod and blackberry apps are cool…but to me, they don’t work. The person has to take the initiative to say, “Ok, so lets see what I’ll do today”, whereas a text coming to them takes no action but to do what they normally do…READ IT!

I started researching the idea and found there have been studies done for text message weight loss and how text messaging can be used for other things. Basically, they all say the same thing. Text message weight loss works because it’s considered a “trigger”. It’s a prompt to take action…a Call To Action if you will.

These calls to action work. If we text out to everyone, “Do 20 pushups today, all at once, in sets or throughout the day”, most people will do them. There’s so many things to text on a daily basis, but we want to make text message weight loss a thing that creates habits, and done slowly so it becomes a natural way for people to handle their own fitness and weight loss.

It’s sort of like school. Remember going to class, getting set up in Science. Everyday we took out our material and set up before class started. The first day we were like, “What?”, then each day we remembered more and before we knew it, we were talking and foolin around while we got everything out and together. We did it as a total recall without even thinking about it.

That’s what text message weight loss is all about. It’s about creating new habits and changes that people do after a while without being told. They just do it.

It’s not the end all be all…but it is a great way to get in new healthy habits, possibly motivate others to join a gym, learn more, act more. The possibilities are endless, and we look forward to finding more of these possibilities so we can help others change habits in other areas.

If you have any questions or want more info, leave a comment here or contact us through We look forward to helping as many as possible in obtaining their goals, getting healthy and moving toward a great future.

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