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Weight Loss isn’t Evil…We just need to change our habits.

October 13, 2010

Weight Loss and Fitness is always thought of as an evil thing. Uh Oh, please don't make me give up food. Well, when did we put so much emphasis on food? We're a nation of foodies and we have the sorry stats to prove it…and that's not an insult to anyone. I'm convinced the habits formed slowly for so many, and now the work has to begin to get that weight off.

200,000,000 out of the 300,000,000 that live in this country are overweight or obese. We’ve convinced ourselves of three things.

  • The BMI Scale is Broken or inaccurate.
  • If I’m not AS Heavy as others I compare myself to, then I’m ok.
  • The world needs to change it’s standards to meet the standards we’ve adopted for ourselves.

Well, the BMI isn’t broken. We think that because we’re not near where we should be, it’s inaccurate or it needs to change because we’ve changed. It’s like doing what the fashion industry has done…they’ve actually started putting smaller size tags on clothing so we feel like we fit into their clothes and that that’s our size. WHAT? We can’t bend the world to fit us, we need to fit the world.

Ok, so if we compare ourselves to others, why don’t we compare ourselves to skinnier people? It’s just easier that’s why. We as any human does, tries to convince ourselves all is well, and it’s the OTHER GUY…but “I’m Good”. Look, 68% of us are overweight or obese. By comparing ourselves to eachother, wouldn’t it be an obvious problem that we’ll get heavier and heavier? Don’t compare yourself to others…look in the mirror and say, I need to lose weight, and then begin. The scale will tell the tale, not the person your standing next too. (and if you’re a parent, you’re not doing right by your kids)

The world and standards don’t need to change for us. Do you know how they came up with  serving size? They performed food consumption surveys in the late 70’s, earlier..EARLY 80’s. These surveys determined what people ate to maintain a certain weight. If we changed that, we’d just get heavier and heavier…we already eat too much. We can’t bend the world around us.

Heres a sad truth. I have a client. He’s 15. He was upset because he could fail the year if he fails the basic fitness test. He said it’s not fair if he fails because he can’t do X amount of Pushups or situps. I told him, well, why is it that we could do them when my generation were kids, but you shouldn’t have to. Kids are being taught that if it doesn’t work for them…we’ll just change it! That’s not how the world works.

Small changes are a great way to form new habits for adults and kids. That’s why Fitness Shadow has create There are surveys that you can find throughout the internet that have been conducted for years that prove that text messages as a way to help lose weight and get fit work because they call out triggers that help you change habits.

Imagine having someone telling you several times a day to do something. Believe it or not, you’ll most likely do it. Maybe you ate something better today, or did an exercise you normall didn’t do, or it’s a holiday season and you have that little bird in your ear helping you get through the tons of food that put us where we are today…it works…thats why we created this service.

Just remember, the habits we have, are adopted by our kids, or next generations. Maybe you don’t care, but we should. By the year 2020, 80% of the country will be overweight or obese and 1 in every 6 health care dollars will go toward weight related illnesses. By 2030 the number rises to over 86%. That’s many of our kids, grandkids and a whole new generation who will fight what we do everyday.

If you don’t do it for you, do it for those kids who will never be able to play ball, who will never get down the hill on a sled or who will be sick for much of their lives…change your habits now and join, it’s only $9.95 a month and can make all the difference.

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