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Today\'s Weight Loss and Fitness News

Putting on the Pounds After Weight Loss?
Hit the Gym to Maintain Health Gains

ScienceDaily (Sep. 23, 2010) — Although obesity is a major risk factor for disease, much of the threat may be associated with the metabolic (or cardiometabolic) syndrome, a cluster of risk factors related to diabetes and heart disease. Losing weight can improve health and reduce many of these risk factors. However, many people struggle to keep the weight off long-term. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have found that people who perform resistance training while regaining weight can help maintain strides in reducing their risks for chronic disease.

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Portions Vs. Serving Size

October 26, 2010

I was having a conversation the other day that made me realize, most people don’t know the difference between a portion, and a serving size. It’s funny, because with all the info out there that we all look up about food, calories, diets, pills, witches brew and other things to help us knock off the weight, the simple things seem to slip under the door for many of usBasically, a portion is what you’re given! “Wow, check out the portions you get at Mamma Lamborghinis (the names were changed to protect the not so innocent).” Yeah, a portion of fettuccini alfredo in that restaurant maybe bigger than in another, or the one you give yourself at home. A portion is usually what you’re given or take.
A serving size is based on what one person should consume in one sitting. Say you’re having dinner, and you’re having chicken and pasta. Well, the serving size for the chicken is generally the size of your palm (but look it up to see what it actually is, it will give you a weight or size). The pasta is usually about a cup AFTER it’s cooked. Throw in a cup of broccoli and you’ve got your meal made up of a serving of chicken, pasta and vegetables. That’s a serving. (just go easy on the pasta, use whole wheat pasta, and NO sauce 🙂
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Weight Loss Disappointments, Don’t Let Them Stop You!

October 19, 2010

Weight loss is a funny thing. For some it seems to work easily, others not so easily. But is it really easily for those that can lose it? And if not, then maybe you need to just change what you’re doing to get those pounds off. Don’t get discouraged. It’s a goal worth accomplishing at any point in time.

Sometimes you may not realize how much food your consuming or you don’t tally in things like an extra snack, the candy dish on your coworkers desk, or the food you ate off your little ones plate, before and after they at it. It happens more often than you think.
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Eating Out, Working Out, Starting Out!

October 18, 2010

The other day, I went to Applebees for dinner. We never eat like that, but we wanted to get out and thought, since we never eat that way, we’d have a night out and just do something different.What a mistake that was! The food was God Aweful! The price tag was over $125 for us to have the pleasure of food improperly cooked, loads of carbs and sauces and unhealthy fats, and one of our meals didn’t come, OOPS, they forgot they didn’t have it.

The whole thing was nasty! How do people eat like that all the time? It’s killing you, it’s expensive and with the time you wasted eating, driving, waiting, you could have had a great meal at a fraction of the cost and had money left over to take care of a fitness or weight loss need…AND, you wouldn’t have added the extra weight.
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Mission Impossible? No, It’s Possible

October 14, 2010

For one minute, make believe you’re Tom Cruise. You’re given a mission. It’s what some would think was an impossible mission…he hangs upside down, bungees off a building, drives a motorcycle through crazy traffic…and he completes his mission. Hmmm…might have taken some doing, but it wasn’t impossible.
 Now, make believe you’re you! 🙂
 You think maybe losing weight is impossible. You might think getting into a much smaller size is impossible. You may want toned, tight muscle, and don’t consider yourself TOO overweight, but getting off those last pounds seems impossible.
 Well, ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Actually it’s far from impossible. It’s very, very possible. I like the word possible…and possibility. Imagine what is possible if you lost the weight.  The clothes you could wear, the looks you’d get, the compliments, and most of all, the health and feeling of well being you’d have…that’s possible. And it’s very realistic and it happens everyday.
 Who does it happen to?
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Text Message Weight Loss, Why?

October 14, 2010
Fitness By the Bay, Fitness Shadow, LLC.

Fitness By the Bay, Blue Point NY 631-419-6379

As owner of a Personal Training Studio in Blue Point, NY, I see how many of my clients, and past clients struggle when they leave the gym. They go home and have to take care of their diet and extra cardio on their own. I try to get them in to do it here as part of their program, but it’s hard. I know, it’s not easy, it takes tons of self motivation to do it day after day.

The thing is, we see how hard they work when they are here. I text some of them to remind them of their diet, do this, or do that, and it works for them. They say it’s saved their day or even that one meal. They’ve said when they get the text it prompts them to take action…even if it’s a small action…sooooooooooooo….
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Weight Loss isn’t Evil…We just need to change our habits.

October 13, 2010

Weight Loss and Fitness is always thought of as an evil thing. Uh Oh, please don't make me give up food. Well, when did we put so much emphasis on food? We're a nation of foodies and we have the sorry stats to prove it…and that's not an insult to anyone. I'm convinced the habits formed slowly for so many, and now the work has to begin to get that weight off.

200,000,000 out of the 300,000,000 that live in this country are overweight or obese. We’ve convinced ourselves of three things.

  • The BMI Scale is Broken or inaccurate.
  • If I’m not AS Heavy as others I compare myself to, then I’m ok.
  • The world needs to change it’s standards to meet the standards we’ve adopted for ourselves.

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